AICOK Juicer AMR 516
AICOK Juicer AMR 516

As far as value centrifugal juicer machines are concerned.

It is hard to top the performance, power, and outcomes AICOK Juicer AMR-516 delivers.

The ultra-wide feeding chute guarantees that you’re capable to slide almost totally whole vegetables and fruits directly into the machine itself, maintaining as much of those vegetables and fruits as possible and decreasing then into clean, clear, and healthy juicer machines.

Feature AICOK Juicer AMR 516

A peeled orange or a complete apple can be pressed right into this machine and turned into healthy and fresh juice faster than you ever would have thought possible!

3 different speeds let you decide just how quickly you need the blades of this machine to work, tearing via all of your ingredients at anyplace among 12000 RMP and 18000 RMP.

This is going to make fast work of soft and hard ingredients while at the same time never running the threat of cooking your drink and destroying some of the heat-sensitive nutrients you wish to keep.

Very easy to clean, easy to care for, and built to last long this is a highly impressive and affordable choice.

AICOK Juicer AMR 516 2020
AICOK Juicer AMR 516 2020
  • Strong Juicer Machine – it’s powered by a 400W motor, AICOK Juicer is best to juice some hard vegetables and fruits.
  • 65 wide feeder chutes – AICOK Juicer AMR-516 is made with 65mm largemouth, fit a complete apple, a peeled orange, or a full handful of kale and several other vegetables and fruits, saving prep time to get healthy juice.
  • Easy cleanup juicer – made of stainless steel and BPA free content, every spare part is disassembled, the machine is simple to clean and install.


  • Great size.
  • Durable.
  • Beautiful Design.
  • 2-year Quality Warranty.
  • Easy to use.


  • Some users find a heating issue

Final words

If you’re looking to buy the best juicer at affordable prices, I would recommend considering AICOK Juicer AMR-516.

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