Blender Bottle Pro45 Shaker – Best Protein Shaker bottle
Blender Bottle Pro45 Shaker – Best Protein Shaker bottle

A few people in the gym have absolute monster protein shakes or smoothies.

Three or four scoops of protein, a scoop of carbohydrate powder and powdered greens, maybe a teaspoon or 2 of peanut butter and the God knows what else.

If you are one such kind person, you know that the standard size of the bottle shaker does not allow for this kind of endeavor.

Features Blender Bottle Pro45 Shaker 

You might be capable to cram complete of that in there but you would not be capable to also fill it with water and mix it jointly adequately.

You will end up trying to sip a yogurt-like concoction in the weight room.

But once again, if you are one of those persons, you should purchase this larger Blender Bottle Pro 45 shaker.

It has all the similar advantages and features of the classic variant, but just bigger.

You will be capable to chuck whatever your sick brain can dream up in this shaker bottle and still have room for enough water so that it smoothly mixes down well into a fine texture and thickness.

Or even if you love to sip water whilst working out but do not wish to have to keep refilling it each five minutes, this shaker is for you.

Blender Bottle Pro45 Shaker – Best Protein Shaker bottle
Blender Bottle Pro45 Shaker – Best Protein Shaker bottle


  • Unique Rounder Base – forgot to add liquid first, no seat. The exclusive rounded base on the Blender Bottle Pro 45 allows the shaker to mix each last bit of power
  • Expansion Pak Compatible – slide PRO STACK expansion PAKS inside this blender bottle shaker to carry up to 650 CCS of supplements and a lot more on the go.
  • Spout Guard – simply open the flip cap without any issue of the touching system will thank you.
  • Latest Twelve Gauge Blender Ball – Now say goodbye to lumpy protein shakes and hello to the smooth and great tasting drinks. The mixing system in this Pro 45 shaker uses the Blender Ball wire whisk to mix even thickest contents as you shake.
  • Large Size shaker – boasting a thicker and a more influential 12 gauge blender, a large size 45oz capacity, a rounder base, and this Blender bottle is built to go huge.


  • Leakproof sure seal
  • Huge capacity
  • powerful 12 gauge blender bottle shaker


  • Expensive

Final words Blender Bottle Pro45 Shaker

All in all, if you’re a mass protein consumer, the Blender Bottle Pro 45 is worth splurging on as it’s ideal for mass gainers, and we’re confident that this variant can hold servings as high as 450g.


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