PROMiXX Battery Powered Shaker Bottle
PROMiXX Battery Powered Shaker Bottle

The PROMiXX is the latest, battery-powered mixer bottle on the earth.

Effortlessly ergonomic, functional, lightweight, quiet, and run by 2 AAA batteries.

Super perfect nutritional shakes at the touch of a key.

Superior standard, odor-resistant and impact materials, the PROMIXX original is durable, stylish and utilizes industry-leading food-grade materials, whilst being DEHP and BPA-free.

The scientifically-engineered blunt blade protects micronutrients for excellent protein performance.

Best for creatine, protein powders, soy, casein, and other supplements and much more.

PROMiXX Battery Powered Shaker Bottle
PROMiXX Battery Powered Shaker Bottle

Features PROMiXX Battery Powered Shaker Bottle

Superior mixing powder

The high-speed motor makes a strong vortex.

Add your supplements for a perfect shake in seconds.

Motor run by AAA batteries.

Each PROMiXX mixer comes with a one year warranty with industry-leading customer service.

Simple to clean

No more bad smelling shaker bottles. Include hot detergent and water, turn on and let your mixer bottle perfect itself.

Perfect design

Designed in-house by PROMIXX the real Vortex Mixer is the second generation of a mixer, tested and used by athletes for the past five years. Each mixer is ergonomic, working, lightweight and quiet.


Elite-athlete approved

The PROMIXX original is tested, tried and verified by 1000s of elite athletes around the planet.

Perfect shake in seconds

With industry-leading torque and power, effortlessly blend protein shakes in second, with PROMIXX strong X-blade mixing technology, for better protein performance.

Mix your supplements and the move

The battery-run PROMIXX original conveniently permits you to mix your protein powders on the go.

Cleaning and maintenance

  • Just add hot water and a drop of detergent and activate the vortex for a few seconds.
  • Get rid of the power base with 1 twist and rinse bottle fully.
  • Do not use an abrasive or scourer sponge. Not dishwasher safe. Keep the detachable base unit away from water to reject damage to batteries.
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries


  • Perfect supplement shake in five seconds flat- no spills, no lumps
  • Stylish and ergonomic design – athlete tested
  • X-blade technology and completely-detachable motor for simple cleaning
  • Cordless, X2AAA battery-run – a portable protein shaker bottle for use on the go.
  • Hundred percent DEHP/BPA free
  • 100 percent water-tight seal stopping leaks
  • Mix protein powders, soy, casein, creatine, other supplements and much more.


  • Not affordable

Verdict PROMiXX Battery Powered Shaker Bottle

The PROXiXX Vortex shaker is a fully non-essential sports supplement item, but one that is fun and best standard nonetheless.

You would be happy to have it around, mainly if you love your mass gaining protein desserts or shakes as smooth as easy.

Last updated on February 7, 2021 10:49 pm