Slow Juicer vs Fast Juicer
Slow Juicer vs Fast Juicer

Slow juicer is known to be favored more by people today than a fast juicer.

Making juice out of fruits and vegetables has been more popular recently with more people starting to pay attention to their health.

Thus the idea of making juice is to be able to get as many nutrients as possible from anything in a different way.

Features Favoring Slow Juicer

It is better to drink a juice made of vegetables instead of eating the same vegetables for some people.

That is among the reasons in which more people favor the use of a slow type of juicer instead of the fast one for now.

So the slow type of juicer is capable of dealing with leafy greens better than a fast juicer.


The fact that the slow type does not have any blade at all and just pressing and squeezing the ingredients makes it highly possible to retain the nutrients within leafy greens.

Moreover, the outcome of the juice from leafy greens will be smooth and even with the use of slow type juicer.

That is one thing a fast juicer cannot do.

Slow Juicer vs Fast Juicer
Favoring Slow Juicer over Fast Juicer for Better Juice

Although some fast juicer comes with the slow option of its speed, slow juicer does it better in making a smooth and even juice.

Moreover, the slow type of juicer is quieter compared to the fast one.


The faster the speed of a fast juicer, it will create a louder noise compared to a slow one.

Without the use of a blade within the container it is easy to clean a slow type of juicer.

A fast juicer will be harder to clean compared to the slow one since there is a blade in which leftovers of fruits and vegetables could be trapped there.

It is a more versatile option as well since it can be used to make other things such as baby food, smoothies and even sorbets.

Favoring Slow Juicer over Fast Juicer for Better Juice
Favoring Slow Juicer over Fast Juicer for Better Juice

Obviously, the fast juicer has been defeated by the slow one lately.

Yet, investing in a slow type of a blender or juicer is a bit pricey.

It is hard to find a cheap one when it comes to slow type juicer.

Obviously, the expensive price of this juicer comes with a lot of benefits to getting.

More nutrients in any juice extracted by using a slow type juicer mean better health.

Obviously that is a key benefit in using slow juicer today instead of a fast and conventional juicer.

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