Hurom HK Slow Juicer
Hurom HK Slow Juicer

The secret to having an exuberant day is ingesting the right amount of fruits and veggies juice at the instance the tummy requested.

Keeping up all day long with this invigorating and nutritional based food infuses the surge of excitement to make your day golden.

Revolutionary juice extractor: Hurom HK Slow Juicer

Huron HK slow juice is the golden opportunity to an exhilarating glass of fruit and veggies Juice to keep energy exhaustion and excitement depletion at bay.

So, set off your day with a humorous juice cold-pressed by Hurom HK Slow juicer.

With Hurom HK juicer, you get as many glasses as possible of your energizing orange or your nutrient-rich green even after having a bounteous main dish and there is no room for much again.

Hurom HK Slow Juicer
Hurom HK Slow Juicer

Therefore, it leaves you with an occasion to explore, enjoy and exploit the natural refreshing juice of veggies and fruits without the burden of taking the whole.

Hurom HK slow juicer is designed and engineered to assert tactile pleasure (in terms of size and shape) while juicing daily.

The 150 Watt near-silent AC motor together with low-speed mechanism cold press every drop of juice with heating it.

It gives juice 35 percent more than other traditional juice – A glaring and distinctive operational contrast with others.


  1. Big food chute to take fruit whole and a fruit pusher to take it down for juicing.
  2. BPA free in the food zone.
  3. Ergonomic hooper design to provide convenience and stability while being operated.
  4. Item strainer either fine or coarse to squeeze food ingredients thoroughly.
  5. Anti-drip spout for easy pouring without having to deal with messy spills.
  6. Unique spiral and auger design to even squeezing with the least nutrient damage.
  7. Spinning brush to maximize higher juice quality output.
  8. The juicing cap allows the mixing of the ingredient with no messy spill.
  9. Chamber for optimal extraction.
  10. Pressure control lever for release of the compressed pulp.
  11. Low vibration and durable AC motor attached to the main body for stability.
  12. It comes with a free small and large cleaning brush and a recipe book.


  1. Extract juice to reduce the risk of chronic disease.
  2. The oxidation of juice by Hurom HK juicer is low.
  3. It’s compact and stable for use.
  4. A delicious recipe to exploit the benefits of fruits.
  5. Ensures safety by safety sensor which only allows operation when the chamber is properly fixed to the base.
  6. Reduces fiber intake.
  7. Juice degradation takes place 36 – 72 hours after extractor.
  8. Conserved juice quality by preventing heat damage.
  9. Suitable for soft fruits.
  10. Easy to disassemble and assemble for cleaning and maintenance


  1. It’s a slow juicer.
  2. Wastage of plant parts as pulp.
  3. This leads to constipation and fiber deficiency diseases like diverticulitis.
  4. It’s expensive.
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