Kitchen Academy Slow Juicer
Kitchen Academy Slow Juicer

I love this machine! Much excellent than my previous juicer.

I tried it on watermelons and oranges, both work amazing. Simple to clean too.

I almost use it to produce juice for my children every day now.

Features Kitchen Academy Slow Juicer

60 Rpm slow masticating and grinding

Ninety percent nutrition growth, without making too much heat and friction.

I am reserving the enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals, minerals and nutrients.

With less foaming and no clogging.

Big feed chute

Three-inch feed chute accepts a big piece of vegetables and fruits greatly decreasing preparation times and also has a little feed chute incorporated to make juicing smaller veggies and fruits much easier.

Easy to use

The motor works at less than 65db, so it does not bother your neighbors and make you feel relax when you juice.

The Kitchen Academy Slow Juicer is simple to assemble and simple to operate, while the detachable parts are simple to clean. Let you have a happy and fit life.

Upgrade the spiral system

Seven segment spiral opening up each cell for highest juice yield, lowest oxidation, most nutrition.

What you get

Slow juicer adopts improved technology and is made of baby food-grade BPA-free stuff.

Our motor is covered for ten years.

The remaining parts are covered by three years.

FDA, Etl, certification. And we offer lifelong technical consultation and customer service.

Kitchen Academy Slow Juicer
Kitchen Academy Slow Juicer



  • Low noise level less than 65db, safety and quiet
  • Slow speed screw type
  • High juice extracting rate, keep the juice nutrition and decrease the oxidation
  • Reverse function to reject stuck
  • Safety protection with magnetic switch
  • Forward and reverse working functions, no clogging, and simple cleaning


  • None

Slow juicing

The way in which these machines job is with the use of pressure and force.

The key part that does all of the work of a masticating juicer is called an auger.

It looks like a big screw. As food moves along the auger grinds and smashes down the pulp.

Kitchen Academy Slow Juicer is then moved additional down towards the end cap where immense force is built up.

In this area, the pulp is squeezed to divide the juice.

It is pretty easy, silent, and is best for leafy items.

The pulp that leaves the machine is generally quite dry and the juice contains lower amounts of air which can cause oxidation.

Going green

If you have been thinking about trying to juice in order to better your diet, then going green is going to the most valuable path.



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