MEOMY Juicer Machines Slow Masticating
MEOMY Juicer Machines Slow Masticating

MEOMY SH560 masticating juicer has a design and technology that is far ahead of other conventional slow juicers.

Features MEOMY Juicer Machines Slow

Upgraded Spiral Structure

high-precision ceramics auger enables more fully extract juice from various fruits and vegetables, extracts up to 30% more juice than other juicers.

The high hardness of ceramic (79 times that of ordinary plastics) enables the juicer to easily extract juice such as carrots, pineapples, wheatgrass, ginger, etc.

MEOMY Juicer Machines Slow Masticating

Masticating Juicer Nutrition Expert

70 RPM slow masticating and upgraded filter (reduces contact between juice and metal) minimizes heat build-up and oxidation during masticating, keeping minerals, vitamins and enzymes intact in fruits and vegetables, juice can be stored for up to 72 hours.

Healthier materials

ceramic auger, say goodbye to the cheap plastic auger, MEOMY slow juicer meet your daily need for a green and healthy juice.

Double Juice Mode

Pure Juice Mode

Juice and pulp are separated, extracting the nutrients from fruits and vegetables into the juice, enjoy the pleasure of original juice taste.

Mixed Juice Mode

Juice mixed with a small amount of pulp, most of the nutrient fiber in fruits and vegetables are stored in the viable cells in the pulp.

This mode doesn’t destroy the pulp particles, retaining more natural fibers.

Safety & Quiet & Easy To Clean

MEOMY juicer owned the highest UL safety certification, all detachable parts are made of food-grade materials(BPA-free), one-touch reverse function (no need to keep pressing), quiet motor control noise below 50dB, equipped with a safety lock design, easy assembly and disassembly allows you to easily clean all parts in one minute.

MEOMY Juicer Machines Slow Masticating

Warranty & Service

2-year warranty and lifetime technical support, through MEOMY VIP card register for a free extended warranty to 3 years and get a 6-month free return service.

Customer satisfaction is our greatest motivation, If you have any problems, just contact MEOMY customer service, our service is always with you.


1.Press the “stop” to stop the juicer running, then press the “reverse” to start the reverse
2.Just press the reverse button once to start the reversal, don’t need to keep pressing
3.Each reverse lasts for about 3 seconds

Highlight MEOMY Juicer Machines Slow Masticating

Unparalleled High Juice Yield – Longer spiral structure and upgraded small hole slag outlet design further increase the juice yield, the pulp is drier, the juice yield is as high as 93%, far exceeding other slow juicers and centrifugal juicers machine
High-Quality Ceramic Auger – High hardness, wear-resistant, not easy to dye, high surface finish, corrosion resistance, resistance to various acids
Double Hole Filter – Two types of mesh sieves allow you to enjoy a fresh juice faster, easy to clean, not easy to block
Double Mode – Freely adjust juice mode and enjoy different tastes
Anti Drip – Freely adjustable anti-drip valve, no waste of nutrients while keeping the table clean

MEOMY Juicer Machines Slow Masticating
MEOMY Juicer Machines Slow Masticating 2020
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