Why is the Cold Press Juicer is Better?
Why is the Cold Press Juicer is Better?

For you the juice lovers, you must know or be familiar with cold press juicer.

This is not just like a blender that will mix your veggies and fruits altogether.

How a cold press juicer works are wonderful as it will give the best result of the natural juice but it also will not ruin the nutrients in your juice.

What is the difference between a cold press juicer and a normal juicer?

Cold press juice is the best way for you to get high-quality juice on a daily basis. Better to stop consuming the juice from the shop.

It contains high sugar and it is not fresh at all. This can be dangerous for your health in the long run for sure.

Are cold press juicer worth it?

If you are using a regular blender, maybe you can try to check out the cold-pressed juicer.

So, cold-pressed juice is a juicing process by using high pressure which is how the fresh foods are preserved.

Why is the Cold Press Juicer is Better?
Why is the Cold Press Juicer is Better?

What is good for you? As this uses high pressure, during the process, it actually removes the harmful bacteria. How could that possibly happen?

Well, according to the research, bacteria died at 60,000 PSI and cold-pressed juicers normally can reach up to 80,000 PSI.

Besides killing the bacteria, this high pressure can also maintain the minerals, enzymes, higher field of vitamins and preserve a fresh taste.

What is the best juicer for home use?

By using this cold-pressed juicer, you will be able to enjoy a high-quality juice that tastes delicious. Living a healthy life can still be good for sure.

This juicer is also less noisy than a regular mixer or blender which is good also. But the most important thing here is that you can consume high-quality juice every day at ease.

Why is cold-pressed juice so expensive?

It will save you lots of money as the cold-pressed juice nowadays can cost you a couple of dollars a day. As we know, somehow it is funny that every healthy tag is now becoming expensive.

Does blending kill nutrients?

The texture of this cold press juice is also thicker as it retains more pulp and fiber.

However, if you prefer something lighter, you can simply add a bit of water to get your juice less thick.

You can also make a big portion and store them properly in the freezer. You can prepare the juices for a week that makes your life easier.

Cold Press Juicer is Better
Cold Press Juicer is Better


So, this is the best way for you to get a healthier life by replacing your fast grinding blender with a cold-pressed juicer.

Do blenders destroy fiber?

This is because they generate a lot of heat due to high-speed spinning. Coldpressed juicers, on the other hand, retain nutrients, enzymes and fibers.

Moreover, they first extract juice by crushing and then press the pulp of vegetables and fruits giving you more quantity of juice.

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