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Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor 67602 A

Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor 67602 A
Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor 67602 A

The Hamilton Beach 67602A is a centrifugal juicer equipped with a robust 800-watt motor to tear via plant fibers to extract nutrients, enzymes, and more juice vegetables and fruits from a company famous for its excellent products.

Features Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor

This juicer’s three-inch feed cute permits are quicker juicing by keeping the time spent on pre-cutting food produce by half.

Apart from all these specs, this item comes with a three-year warranty, rare for a centrifugal juicer.

Strong 800-watt motor

The higher the wattage of a juicer, the quicker and more efficient it is.

The strong motor of the Hamilton 67602A can crush even the hardest of vegetables and fruits, and it will not overheat in the process.

With this kind of motor, you can juice for a long time without the danger of overheating the motor.

This spec makes it the best choice for those who juice regularly.

Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor 67602 A
Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor 67602 A

Extra-wide 3 feed chute

Every spec of this best juicer is designed with your ease as a top priority.

The three-inch-wide feed chute is the best fit for those with a quick lifestyle.

It amazingly decreases the time spent on juicing by half.

The three-inch-wide feed chute takes in big chunks of food products and medium-sized fruits like apples, pears, and whole sticks of carrots.

Anyway, this feed chute is not self-feeding, as vegetables and fruits need to be pushed down the chute by a food pusher.

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Extra-large pulp bin

If you ever had to replace a juicer’s pulp container while juicing, you are familiar with the worry involved in that process.

The juicer has a big pulp container that can handle your heavy juicing needs.

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