How to use blender bottle usa
How to use blender bottle

It’s easy. To use any BlenderBottle shaker cup to make the smoothest shake imaginable, simply:

  • Drop the BlenderBall wire whisk into the bottle, along with your ingredients.
  • Screw on the lid and snap the flip cap shut.
  • Shake well.
  • Enjoy!


    • Add liquid ingredients first, then add powders and thicker ingredients.
    • Before shaking, screw the lid firmly onto the base and press the flip cap down until you hear an audible snap. That’s the sign that the cap is securely closed.
    • For best mixing action, hold the upper half of the bottle firmly and shake by rotating your wrist.
    • The surgical-grade stainless steel BlenderBall whisk is designed to remain in the cup while you drink, even if you’re drinking plain water. In addition, it will never rust, chip, or peel.

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    • Wash bottle before initial use and immediately after every use. Trust us on this—there’s not much worse than a week-old protein shake.
    • If you have a white Radian lid looking off-color, try scrubbing it with a wet wipe to clean it up.
    • Most components of your BlenderBottle shaker are top-rack dishwasher safe (the insulated BlenderBottle Radian will need to be hand-washed). The BlenderBall wire whisk should be placed in the silverware bin.
    • Alternately, bottles may be washed by hand in warm soapy water. (Please note the warning below regarding hot liquids.)

How to use blender bottle usa

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Removing Odors from BlenderBottle Shaker Cups:

Stinky bottle? Most BPA-free plastics can retain odors if not cleaned promptly after use (again, nix the week-old protein shake). Instead, try these tips for removing odors from your BlenderBottle shaker:

    • Fill a bottle with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar and allow it to sit overnight, with flip cap open.
    • Sprinkle a piece of newspaper with water, or place several drops of vanilla extract on a few paper towels. Crumple newspaper or paper towels and place them inside the bottle. The screw-on lid and let the bottle sit for 24 hours, with a flip cap closed.
    • Place damp coffee grounds inside the bottle. The screw-on lid and allow the bottle to sit overnight, with a flip cap closed.
    • After cleaning the bottle out, leaving the lid off and letting it air out can do wonders.

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