HUROM HK Slow Juicer Ivory Review
HUROM HK Slow Juicer Ivory Review

The HK slow juicer is a ground-breaking juice extractor that uses Hurom patented slow squeezing technology to quietly, gently, and fast squeeze a big range of ingredients into tasty, dynamic green and fruit juices and vegan nut milk.

SST retains heat-sensitive phytonutrients and delicate enzymes essential to fitness that can be otherwise compromised by the eviscerating effect of top speed blades in traditional blender and juicers.

Features HUROM HK Slow Juicer Ivory

Our blade-less screw-like auger uses gravity to pull in items into its grooves and strong power efficient AC induction machine spins it at just 34 rotations per minute outcome in a mortar and pestle action that works by masticating and chill-pressing raw foods.

Increases aeration, oxidation, and separation on the cellular level of items and outcomes in smooth, sweet, tasty, richer-color juicer full of water-soluble fiber that delivers 4x the absorption rate and up to sixty percent nutrients than eating vegetables and fruits.

HUROM HK Slow Juicer Ivory Review
HUROM HK Slow Juicer Ivory Review



The special low-speed mechanism cold-presses every drop of juice from foods outcome in a yield of up to thirty-five percent more than other traditional juicers, paying for itself again and again over time.


A joy for the senses, its compact size slips amazingly into the area and decoration of any countertop.

Juicing with a slow juicer is a tactile fun, ensuring that your go-to fit habit is a daily one.


Duplicate safety sensors permit the unit to run only if the chamber is fully and rightly assembled on the base.

A built-in chilling system with integrated warm vents and the slow machine stops overheating.


Near silent AC motor works rightly using only 150 watts of power without warm buildup

Standard durable and BPA free

Impact-resistant ABS plastic body. Heavy-duty Ultem strainer and auger are 8x powerful than traditional plastics. Handles years of regular use.


  • Dry pulp
  • The strong motor operates at a low speed of 43 RPMs
  • A lot of instruments for ease
  • High juice yield
  • Lots of juice for the effort, which keeps money in the long run


  • Heavier than similarly sized models


The juice chute has a value to keeping the juice in this house cold press juicer so you can separate the form from the juice.

Lines on the side support you measure how much juice you have from the veggies and fruits you press into the machine.

You get 2 separate stainless steel filters with this slow juicer, one that locates more pulp in your juice and another that extracts more pulp.

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