Nama SJ100 Juicer
Nama SJ100 Juicer

The Name Cold Press juicer has been developed with favorite juicing Guri, Hurom, and the Joe Cross, one of the world’s top slow juicer producers.

Features Nama SJ100 Juicer

Using Hurom Alpha + juicing technology, the design has been optimized by Nama with their accurate press technology to get one of the very top juicers.

Key Features SJ100 Juicer

  • Twin feed ingredients hopper with perfect pusher plus tray feed
  • Pure press technology optimized motor torque profit cuts down item prep time.
  • Large and sorbet hole smoothie screen attachment added at no extra charge.
  • Making nut milk is a breeze with the Nama.
  • Perfect screen with 6,612 micro-perforations or virtually pulp-free juices
  • Pulp lever facilities smoothie texture cleaning and adjustment
  • Coarse screen for softer ingredients and smoothie-like texture
  • Sorbet screen for making frozen purees, desserts, nut butter, salsas, and more
  • Real taste extraction low-speed juicing system increases taste and nutrients.

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2 Korean cold press juicer producers lead the planet regarding technology and performance.

Nama has partnered with one of them, Hurom, to develop the Nama Vitality 5800 Cold press juicer.

Working personally with the factory, they have a custom motor torque profile that makes it simple for the juicer to cope with whole carrots and celery sticks. Our usual recommendations to chop these items first no longer apply, keeping your time with the juicing process.

With an optimal forty-three rpm turning speed on the drill, juicing is still surprisingly fast, and the standard and quantity of juice generated are just excellent.

Because there is very little chance for oxygen to mix in the juice, it can be kept for a few days in the fridge without losing the plentiful micronutrients.

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Easy Juicing Recipes for Beginners 

Complete Nama Juicer Review

The Nama Juicer is a new, innovative way to get your daily dose of fruits and vegetables.

The design makes the juicing process straightforward because it has an automatic pulp ejector which removes all unwanted fibers from produce.

It also comes with three different screens for making juice at varying consistencies-coarse, medium, or acceptable. All parts are dishwasher safe, so you can make cleaning up as quick as possible!

In addition to being practical in every aspect of its design, this product is aesthetically pleasing too.

Made with stainless steel and high-quality rubberized plastic that will last you years without breaking down as cheaper products do.

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