SMEG CJF01CRUS Citrus Juicer - gorgeous retro styling
SMEG CJF01CRUS Citrus Juicer - gorgeous retro styling

The SMEG CJF01CRUS Citrus Juicer is one more addition to the Italian Brand’s rapidly expanding line-up of compact but elegantly formed, home appliances.

It is a motorized juice maker specifically for extracting that sweet liquid goodness from fruits of the citrus family.

Lemons, oranges, limes, and grapefruit – it will handle all you would normally slice in half and squeeze basically.

SMEG CJF01CRUS Citrus Juicer - gorgeous retro styling
SMEG CJF01CRUS Citrus Juicer – gorgeous retro styling

Design and features SMEG CJF01CRUS Citrus Juicer

The elegantly rounded aluminum base is available powder coated with ideally smooth Red, Black, Pastel Blue, Pastel Green, Pink or Cream paint, with chromed lettering of the tag applied to the back and front.

The Chromed metal lower section of the base hides the wire management – in other words, there’re a few simple lugs around that you can wind any unwanted length of the 1m power wire.

There’s also a set of anti-slip feet on the blow.

A clear TRITAN plastic canopy sits up on the business end, simply to keep the dust particles off while the juicer is not in use.

Take this lid off and you acquire to the 3 removable main parts, entire around or linked to the spindle for the 70W motor.

First, three is the stainless steel reaming funnel, then a hole-peppered steel filter for catching pulp and pips, and lastly the TRITAN juice collector with a unique built-in spout. The entire area dishwasher-safe.


With a few oranges chopped in half, I simply pushed then 1 at a time onto the reamer, using a slight squeeze and a smooth rocking motion to get each last of juice out.

The truly surprising thing about this machine is just how quiet it’s.

I do not keep in mind using any motorized small home appliance that makes less noise.

The 70W motor also looks to have a fine amount of torque, as there was hardly some slowdown, no issue how hard I pressed.

With about ten seconds, half of the decent-sized oranges was totally juiced.

Because of the form of the reaming cone, there is really no need for a separate reamer for little pieces such as limes, though, it is best suited to the big citrus.


  • Solid build
  • Gorgeous retro styling
  • Simple to use and clean
  • Quiet motor


  • Not cheap

Final words

Not cheap, but very beautiful, built to last, quiet and only the thing for getting each and every last drop of juice from your citrus fruit.


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